Ignition Lottery Tier System: How does Ignition select lottery winners?         

PAID Ignition operates using a lottery system. Each lottery ticket represents one entry into the public sale lottery.

In order to qualify for a lottery ticket, one must stake 1,000 or more PAID tokens in their wallet, from the time of whitelisting up to the time of the IDO

Lottery entrants are separated into three different tiers, depending on the number of tokens staked in their wallet. Winners will be chosen at random from the pool of tickets, the same as with a conventional lottery. When a winner is selected, they will receive a golden ticket. Please read further to learn the details of each tier.      


Moon Tier

If you have staked over 1,000 PAID tokens, you are eligible for the Moon tier. Every 1,000 staked PAID tokens gives you a lottery ticket.  

If you stake 1000 or more PAID tokens in your wallet, you are eligible for the Moon tier. For every 1,000 tokens you staked on Ignition, you will receive one lottery ticket. Moon tier applies to PAID token holders who have between 1,000-74,000 staked tokens in their wallet at the time of whitelisting. For those staking 75,000 tokens or more, other benefits are offered in addition to Moon Tier.

Please note that if you are a Moon Tier participant and are submitting multiple wallet addresses into the lottery, each address will need to connect to the Ignition platform and transact individually, based on the number of lottery tickets won. 

Galaxy Tier

If the sum total of all the staked PAID tokens on Ignition is 75,000 or above, you are eligible for the Galaxy Tier. This gives you one guaranteed allocation in the public sale of an IDO project. For every 75,000 PAID tokens you have staked, you will receive one guaranteed allocation.

In addition, you will also receive lottery tickets according to the Moon Tier rules, one lottery ticket for each 1,000 tokens staked. Let’s use an example here to illustrate:

You are a PAID token holder with 75,000 staked tokens. You qualify for Galaxy Tier, and receive one guaranteed allocation in the public sale. In addition, you will also receive 75 lottery tickets to enter into the lottery, one ticket for every 1,000 staked PAID tokens. In summary, you will have:

-1 Galaxy Tier guaranteed allocation

-75 lottery tickets in Moon Tier, all with a chance to win.

Cosmos Tier

If you have over 150,000 PAID tokens staked, you are eligible for the Cosmos tier. A wallet staking a minimum of one-hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) $PAID tokens will be guaranteed two public allocations or, in case of a private sale, one private, pre-sale allocation (private allocation availability varies between projects and is not guaranteed for all Ignition IDO Launches) in addition to MOON Tier lottery ticket eligibility gained from the wallet’s staked $PAID token balance. Note not all projects are offering private sale allocation. 

Lottery Ticket FAQS

Q: What if I have tokens in multiple wallets?

If you have tokens in multiple wallets, there is no issue with Moon Tier. You can have as many wallets as you want, as long as they each have at least 1,000 PAID staked tokens, in order to receive one lottery ticket. Keep in mind that “leftover tokens” in a wallet cannot be combined to make another 1,000, if they are spread across multiple wallets. For example, if you had 1400 tokens in one wallet, and 1600 tokens in another wallet, you would only receive one lottery ticket for each wallet. The 400 and 600 tokens left in each wallet will not add together to make 1000, giving you a third lottery ticket.

Q: Are Moon Pool tickets guaranteed?

The Moon Pool works on a First Come, First Serve basis. We recommend all users to login to Ignition ahead of time, so you can be logged in with your wallet connected before the pool opens. When the timer hits zero, refresh your page and click the ‘Join Pool’ button.