New contract address: 0x1614f18fc94f47967a3fbe5ffcd46d4e7da3d787

To note we have contacted Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Etherscan, and other platforms to update to the new token contract address. Please only use the contract address above until they have updated.

There are two airdrop categories:

  1. The first airdrop finished at 13:10 UTC on March 10th, 2021 which includes only liquid tokens from the snapshot taken the block before the attacker’s first sell order on Uniswap, Block Number: 11979858 @ Mar-05–2021 06:07:13 PM +UTC. The remainder of the locked tokens will be airdropped following the same predetermined vesting schedule.

  2. The second airdrop will take place in the next few days, distributed to various affected parties. More details about who is considered an “affected party” can be found in this FAQ

  3. If you were holding your PAID v1 at at the time of the snapshot, please note that this is taking us longer to reconcile these balances due to the extensive data analysis required. We are diligently working with them to retrieve all relevant data points, and will update the community as soon as possible.

If you had tokens staked on LaunchPool, you were airdropped your tokens. Please see LP's telegram channel for more details. Unifarm has received tokens and is working on distributing, please follow their telegram channel for updates.

We are currently only airdropping liquid (unlocked) tokens. Vested tokens will be airdropped shortly after.