Those who received the PAID v2 airdrop and keep those tokens in their receiving wallet for the next 7 weeks will receive an additional 10% bonus of PAID tokens.


- You must keep your PAID v2 in the same wallet as your airdrop.

- You must maintain a token balance greater than or equal to your original airdropped balance during the following 7-week period, starting from the date you receive your v2 airdrop.

- The 10% bonus tokens will only be based on the original airdropped values; additional tokens in the same wallet are not counted toward the bonus.

- The 10% bonus tokens will be fully unlocked upon bonus airdrop.

- Terms are only for current airdrop recipients, detailed in the FAQ.

- Eligibility for those who held tokens on third party platforms will be determined at a later date.


If i hold my tokens in a wallet other than metamask, how can I participate in IDOs and not lose my eligibility? 

We're working on a solution, please stay tuned to our announcements channel or check back on this article for updates closer to the IDO.