1. Login to your account and connect your wallet

We recommend you sign in on Ignition ahead of time, so you can be logged in with your wallet connected before the pool opens.

When the first pool opens, customers must:

  • be logged into their account

  • connect their ERC20/ BSC (BEP20) wallet(s) which won the allocations.

  • navigate to the project launch page and click on the project you want to join

2. Click the “Join Pool” button.

Once the timer goes to zero, please refresh the page and click on the ‘Join Pool’ button.

Please make sure you are joining the correct pool. For most IDO's, there are two pools; Galaxy and Moon. If your wallet is connected, but you are not in the correct pool, the “join pool” button will remain gray. Please double-check on the winner’s list in which pool you have won your tickets. 

3. The Join Pool popup will appear

Please enter the amount of ETH/BNB you would like to send, or click ‘Set Max’ to auto-fill with your max . You will also see here that your max allocation is shown, which is the allocation per winning ticket times the number of times you’ve won — the number of times you’ve won will be shown on the right-hand side.

4. After entering your amount (or click your max allocation amount to auto-fill with your max) click on ‘Join Pool’.

5. Metamask will prompt you to confirm the transaction.

6. After you’ve confirmed, you’ll see an option to view your transaction on Etherscan/ BSC-scan. Note due to network congestion your transaction could take some time. You may consider speeding up your transaction.

7. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to see your amount invested, and the number of tokens bought.

8. After the project closes the contract pool, you must stay logged in to your account and connect the winning wallet address(es) which you used to purchase the tokens. 

9. You must click on the pools in which you participated (Galaxy, Moon, or both, depending on your situation), and click the "Redeem" button in each pool to redeem your tokens. You will need to make sure you redeem your tokens with each wallet address you won with, and in each pool you participated in. You will need to execute transactions in Metamask for each wallet address, to redeem your allocations.

10. You will need to make sure that you can see the tokens in your wallet, so you will need to add the contract address of the new token.

11. You should be all set! For further information, please browse our knowledge base, or if that doesn't work, contact customer support.