Our KYC process is being handled by a third party provider, Synaps.io. In order to start the KYC process, please log into your Ignition account and click on your name in the top-right corner. Click on 'KYC with Synaps' 

Once you create an account on Synaps-Ignition your KYC will be valid for Apollo-X and visa versa. Please use the same login credentials for both platforms

The KYC procedure consists of both a liveness and an identity verification. For the identity verification process the following documents can be used:

  • Passport

  • National ID

  • Resident Permit

Please make sure you complete both the liveliness and ID verification step. If you are unable to submit your ID documents , please open up a ticket here.

Driver’s Licenses are NOT accepted for identity verification.

Please follow all the instructions provided by Synaps and use clear photos and documents that are not yet expired.

We suggest reviewing the list of eligible forms of identification in order to make sure you are able to submit the correct documents. All corners of the document provided have to be visible, well readable and without any glare.

If you are having issues passing the liveness verification, please remove all accessories, make sure you are in a well-lit room without any reflection, your eyes should be looking straight to the camera and make sure there is nobody standing in the background.

If you are experiencing problems or delays please contact customer support of Synaps.io. 

IMPORTANT: Please do not open up a second account in order to re-KYC, this will not be accepted by Synaps and will create issues for IDO participation. If you do not receive a reply from Synaos.io within 48H, you can contact Customer Service by opening up a ticket here

Once you have been verified, you can double-check this by logging in to your Ignition account and clicking on your name in the top-right corner.

Your KYC status should now say 'Approved'

Please note that your KYC needs to be approved before joining the lottery.