Important: only tokens staked on Ignition will count towards the lottery. Please find more information on staking your tokens here.

- Login to your Ignition account, connect your wallet and navigate to the 
project page.

- You will need to be KYC verified to join the lottery. You can find more information on the KYC process here.

- Under the heading ‘Lottery status’ you can see which projects are currently open. Click on the project name of the lottery you would like to enter.

- Click on ‘Join Lottery’

- Log in on the MetaMask wallet you want to use for this lottery and make sure you are connected to the correct chain. This wallet should have staked at least 1000 PAID tokens. To add more wallets, switch accounts in your wallet.

Under the heading ‘Moon tickets’ you can see the number of Moon tickets you will receive, this does not include additional tickets from the Moon Ticket Multiplier bonus. All details on the multiplier bonus and staking can be found 

Important: For the moon tier only a wallet staking a minimum of one thousand (1,000) $PAID tokens is eligible to receive a single lottery ticket for every one thousand staked (1,000) $PAID tokens. No complete or partial lottery ticket will be granted for total or remaining balances of less than a thousand (1,000) staked $PAID tokens.

- Read the PAID Ignition Lottery rules and make sure to check and read all of the conditions. If you are only adding one wallet, click on ‘submit’.

- if you have added multiple wallets, click on ‘Next’ in order to define your primary wallet address. Click on the wallet you would like to use, and ‘Submit’ your application.

- Congratulations, you have now joined the lottery.

Please note that Ignition will automatically check whether users from your country are allowed to enter this lottery. If your country has been banned for this particular IDO, you will receive the following notification, and will not be able to join this lottery.

- If you have already entered the lottery, but would like to make adjustments to your lottery entry, you can do this here by clicking on the ‘Modify Lottery’ button.

If, for example, you would buy extra PAID tokens on a different wallet address, you can modify your entry to add this new wallet. This has to be done before the whitelist lottery is closed.

- Stay tuned to our 
Twitter or Telegram announcement channel to know when we've closed the lottery and begun the lottery winner selection process.