I’ve unstaked my PAID tokens, but they did not show up in my wallet?

As indicated on the staking page, there is a 10-day unstaking period. Once this unstaking period has passed, you will be able to withdraw the tokens to your wallet.

When does the 10 day unstaking period start?

The 10-day unstaking period starts from the moment you confirm the transaction to unstake your tokens. It does not make a difference whether your tokens were staked long or short-term.

I staked 5000 tokens, but I’m only getting 4 tickets for the lottery?

As explained in the 
staking FAQ and the lottery rules, no complete or partial lottery ticket will be granted for total or remaining balances of less than 1,000 staked $PAID tokens. Stakes on a single wallet are not combined for moon tickets. 


If you staked short-term and would like another ticket to the lottery, then you can unstake the portion of your tokens that is above a multiple of 1,000 PAID and restake it in a multiple of 1,000. Please be aware that a 10-day unstaking period will apply, during which no rewards will be accumulated. Tokens that are in their 10-day unstaking period won't count towards the IDO's.

I’m a Galaxy holder, do I need to stake my tokens in order to get my Galaxy Ticket?

Yes, only staked tokens count towards the lottery. You will need to stake at least 75.000 tokens in order to receive a Galaxy ticket.

Can I stake my tokens using my Ledger/ Trezor?

Yes, you will however need to connect your Ledger/Trezor through your MetaMask account.

Do the tokens I’ve staked on Apollo-X count on Ingition?

PAID tokens that are staked on Apollo-X don’t count on Ignition and visa versa.

Can I switch from short- to long-term staking without doing the 10-day unstaking period?

No, if you want to switch to long-term staking, you will need to unstake and wait until the 10-day unstaking period has passed (during which your tokens won’t count towards the lottery) and then re-stake long-term.

Please always make sure to read the article on how to stake your tokens and the PAID Ignition Lottery Rules, before staking or unstaking your tokens.