By Joining the Whitelist lottery for the Katana Inu Private Sale I acknowledge that I understand that:


  1. Successful lottery winners (those who will receive their winning ticket and allocation confirmation through email) must KYC Synaps through the Ignition platform.

  2. One lottery ticket per whitelist entry, with any ERC-20 or BSC address linked to a validated PAID Ignition account with at least 1,000 staked $PAID. The 1000 staked $PAID minimum requirement must be in a single address to be considered valid. 

  3. Only one (1) Katana Inu private sale allocation will be given to a successful lottery winner, per Ignition account.

  4. Aside from the Cosmos tier (holders of 150,000+ staked $PAID), which will provide (1) guaranteed allocation, there are no other pool tiers during a Private Sale, each whitelist entry has equal opportunity to be selected for the private sale via the whitelist lottery. As long as your staked PAID token balance is 1,000 or above, you have an equal chance to win 1x private sale allocation/winning ticket. 

  5. There are no guaranteed allocations for the Galaxy tier during a private sale, only Cosmos Tier entries will receive one (1) guaranteed allocation to a private sale.

  6. Cosmos holders are guaranteed 1 allocation but are eligible to win 1 more allocation through the regular whitelist lottery.

  7. Katana Inu Vesting period for private sale: 15% TGE, 2 months cliff, 5 months linear vesting, for more information on Katana Inu token economics HERE.

  8. PAID Ignition is not responsible for the distribution of the tokens, and is not liable for any financial losses resulting from the Katana Inu private sale.

*For applications to be considered valid, all applications must adhere to the PAID lottery rules, and adhere to Katana Inu specific KYC requirements and country restrictions.