1. The Apollo-X IDO process is comprised of four (4) major phases which must be performed in the outlined sequence below to successfully participate:

a. Know Your Customer (KYC): The Identity verification process ensures the winning lottery applicant is eligible to participate and unhindered by regional, governmental, or company-based restrictions.

b. Choose a tier and stake your PAID tokens: Choose the tier of your choice by staking the required amount of PAID tokens for a 14-day period.

c. Fund your allocation/ join the pool: Join the pool on a FCFS basis.

d. Redeem Tokens: Tokens can be redeemed AFTER the project is trading AND finalizes the pool on Apollo-X. The responsibility to determine the exact time of redemption belongs to the project, not to Apollo-X.


NOTE: All applicants wishing to participate in Apollo-X IDO’s must follow this sequence, regardless of eligibility for any special offers or promotions currently active on Apollo-X. Applicants can refer to the PAID announcements, indicating dates and times for joining the lottery, and KYC requirements specific to each project. These announcements provide all relevant information so that applicants can complete the IDO process. No exceptions can be made for participants who fail to submit the required information and pass the verification process for their submission. Demand for Apollo-X is high, and it is our responsibility to accept the applicants who have properly passed all checks and verifications by correctly following the rules.

2. Staked Tokens:

Staking on Apollo-X is project-based and staked $PAID tokens will only count towards the project you have selected. You may only stake once per project, you cannot stake more to change your tier. $PAID tokens that are staked on Apollo-X or other staking platforms will not be eligible for PAID Ignition lotteries nor will any APY be provided for staking on Apollo-X. 

Once you have staked your tokens a 14-day lock-up period will start, when this has passed you can unstake your tokens. 

3. Know Your Customer (KYC)/ Prohibited Countries: 

All participants must complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process before staking their tokens. Applicants from any country on the list of prohibited countries may not participate in the Apollo-X IDO’s. Please note, each Project may include additional banned countries depending on the Project’s requirements, restrictions, and regulations. It is necessary to check to make sure your country isn’t included in the list of prohibited countries.For more information about KYC, check our KYC FAQ here.

****Please note that for any unforeseen difficulty or failure on the part of the third-party provider Synaps to provide timely KYC services is solely the responsibility of Synaps, and not PAID or its IDO projects. No compensation of any kind will be offered for errors or difficulties with using the Synaps platform. Please prepare your KYC well in advance, to minimize the chance of unforeseen issues.

4. Wallet Support:

PAID Network allows applicants to participate in Apollo-X Launches, using a Metamask Wallet or WalletConnect on the BNB Chain. Users must connect to and redeem allocations from the Apollo-X Platform only using the wallet address used for staking.  

5. Join the pool/ fund your allocation:
All participants must fund their allocation by joining the pool, for more information on this process, click here. Joining the pool is on a first-come, first-serve basis, staking does not guarantee an allocation. If you have staked in a higher tier you will be able to join the tier that you have staked for or any tier lower than this. Beware, you can only join one tier per IDO. If the allocation is not funded within the specified timeframe, or the pools are already full when trying to join, you will not be able to participate in the IDO.