IDO Whitelist Lottery FAQs

  • I don’t have a MetaMask wallet, can I just use my Trust Wallet or something else?

No, you can ONLY use Metamask wallet to participate in Ignition. If you whitelist any other wallet address, you will not be able to redeem your IDO tokens. This is because Metamask must be directly connected to the Ignition platform, and must read your wallet address to verify you are a winner. Please, do not list wallets which are not Metamask. You won’t be able to redeem your allocations, if you win with other wallets. 

  • If I resubmit my whitelist application with the same information as before, will I be disqualified?

When we receive multiple submissions using the same email address and the same ERC address, we will only be considering the most recent application; the previous applications will be excluded.

  • I have entered for a lower tier, can I buy more tokens to get into a higher tier?

Yes, in order to upgrade your tier (it is currently only possible to go from Moon Tier to Galaxy Tier) you will have to complete the whitelist application again with the same email address, the same ERC address(es) and the new tier selected. When we receive multiple submissions using the same email address and the same ERC address we will only be considering the most recent application. The previous applications will be voided.

  • Can I enter multiple times using the same ERC wallet address and different email address?

No, if multiple entries are found using the same ERC address(es) and a different email address, we will be disqualifying all submissions for that Email and ERC address(es). Please take care to remember if you have already whitelisted or not, for any particular IDO

  • Can I use my locked or vested tokens to participate in PAID Ignition?

No - only liquid / unlocked tokens are allowed to be used for PAID ignition.

  • What is the probability that I will get a winning lottery ticket to the upcoming IDO’s?

We are looking to create as many winners as possible, but the chances of winning will be determined by the total number of valid whitelist applications. This will only be known once the whitelist has been closed. This probability varies from project to project, and cannot be determined in advance of closing the whitelist. 

  • Do I need to go through the KYC process if I receive a winning lottery ticket?

Yes, potential winners will have to complete KYC before they will be allowed to participate in the IDO.

  • Does having my PAID tokens in multiple wallets affect my probability of winning? 

No, it does not matter how many wallets you use, it does not affect your probability of winning. However, it is critical that your entered wallets are all Metamask, and that they hold at least 1,000 PAID tokens. It is important to note that if one of your wallets has a token quantity that is not a precise "thousand", those extra tokens will not be added together to make a lottery ticket. For example, if you have 1400 tokens in one wallet, and 1600 tokens in another, you will only receive 2 lottery tickets. The 400 and 600 tokens in each respective wallet will not be added together to equal 1,000 in our system, and so you won’t receive a lottery ticket for this token quantity, even though the total number of tokens is 3000. We suggest having your wallet balances as close to the nearest 1000 as possible, so you can maximize the number of lottery tickets you receive.

  • Can a US citizen participate in an IDO if the project allows US investors?

No, unfortunately due to the unpredictable legal concerns in US law, we are unable to accept any US residents/citizens.

  • Is it possible to participate in IDOs through VPN if based in the US?

No, we will be asking for potential winners to complete KYC before they will be allowed to purchase the tokens in the IDO. If they are located or from the US, we will have to disqualify/exclude the entry from our list of winners. 

  • After the IDO, will the tokens be distributed to our Metamask address?

After the project closes the contract pool, you must stay logged in to your account and connect the winning wallet address(es) which you used to purchase the tokens. You must click on the pools in which you participated (Galaxy, Moon, or both, depending on your situation) , and click the "Redeem" button in each pool to redeem your tokens. You will need to make sure you redeem your tokens with each wallet address you won with, and in each pool you participated. You will need to execute transactions in Metamask for each wallet address, to redeem your allocations

  • Does the 75k tier have a higher probability of winning than the 1k tier, or do both have the same chances?

No, the system is not weighted towards people who possess more tokens. For every 1,000 PAID tokens you have, you will receive 1 lottery ticket. This is true if you have 1,000 tokens, or 90,000 tokens. The difference is that you get a guaranteed Galaxy tier allocation if you have more than 75,000 PAID tokens in your wallet. 

It is important to note that if you are in Moon Tier, your allocation is not guaranteed, it is on a first-come, first-serve basis for those participating. For Galaxy, your allocation is guaranteed, as long as it is redeemed in the stated time frame.