Follows are the steps when launching a pool on Ignition after approval from our team. 

  1. You mint your tokens [TGE] minimum 24hr in advance to ensure we're ready
  2. We peg USD <> ETH price 24hr before first pool opens 
  3. We create swap smart contracts for each tier's pool (at least Galaxy and Moon)
  4. We whitelist addresses for winners who have passed KYC
  5. You send your project's tokens to our wallet  - Minimum 4hr before first pool opens
  6. Pool opens at pre-determined time (coded into smart contract)
  7. Participants send their ETH to pool when the pool opens via the Ignition platform
  8. When we have confirmation you are ready, we finalize all of your pools
  9. We withdraw and send you all ETH raised

Once pools are finalized, users can withdraw your project's tokens from the pools page as well.