After finalizing your pools users will be able to click to redeem their tokens. They will then be prompted to sign a transaction via their metamask to receive their tokens.  When you are ready to finalize, you will do so one pool at a time. Steps: 

  1. Navigate to the first pool page on Ignition, say your galaxy pool 
  2. Log in (create an account if you haven't already)
  3. Connect the MetaMask wallet that is the owner of the contracts
  4. Click to finalize the pool
  5. make sure your gas is set relative to current prices

    Now, your contributors can click to redeem their tokens in the same way you will withdraw your ETH: 
  6. Next you can Withdraw your ETH

    You're all set! Now repeat the steps for the moon pool and any other pools your project has. 

Remember pool contributors may not withdraw their tokens for days, weeks, even months if they forget about them. You can always see what's left on Etherscan for your pool contracts.