1.   PAID Ignition’s lottery process is comprised of four (4) major phases which must be performed in the outlined sequence below to successfully participate:

    1. Lottery entry: Public application process that includes the submission of identifying information, ERC/BSC Wallet address(es), and confirmation of understanding lottery rules and PAID Ignition requirements for eligibility. If you win, your masked ERC/BSC address will be included on the list of winners, and you’ll move on to the next step, KYC.

    2. Know Your Customer (KYC): Identity verification process ensuring the winning lottery applicant is eligible to participate and unhindered by regional, governmental, or company-based restrictions

    3. Log in to Ignition and join a pool: Joining of one or more launch pools on Ignition platform for lottery winners, to redeem IDO tokens at project launch.

    4. Redeem Tokens: Tokens can be redeemed AFTER the project is trading AND finalizes the pool on Ignition. The responsibility to determine the exact time of redemption belongs to the project, not to Ignition.


NOTE: All applicants wishing to participate in PAID Ignition lotteries must follow this sequence, regardless of eligibility for any special offers or promotions currently active on Ignition. Applicants can refer to the PAID Ignition announcements, indicating dates and times for whitelisting, and KYC requirements specific to each project. These announcements provide all relevant information so that applicants can complete the lottery process. No exceptions can be made for participants who fail to submit the required information and pass the verification process for their submission. Demand for PAID Ignition project lotteries is extremely high, and it is our responsibility to accept the applicants who have properly passed all checks and verifications by correctly following the rules.

***There will be no financial compensation offered to any user who experiences a double pay issue with their IDO participation. Any double pay incidents will not be reimbursed by the IDO project, or PAID Ignition. Please use caution when submitting transactions on the Ignition platform to avoid this issue, taking care to send only one transaction per participation pool.

  1.   Ignition Lottery Tiers:

  1. MOON TierAny wallet holding a minimum of one thousand (1,000) $PAID tokens is eligible to receive a single lottery ticket per every one thousand (1,000) $PAID tokens. No complete or partial lottery ticket will be granted for total or remaining balances of less than a thousand (1,000) $PAID tokens. Moon Tier is first-come, first-serve, a moon ticket does not guarantee an allocation.

  2. GALAXY Tier: Any wallet(s) holding a minimum aggregate of seventy-five thousand (75,000) $PAID tokens is guaranteed one public allocation, in addition to qualifying for the MOON Tier’s lottery ticket eligibility gained from the wallets’ $PAID token balance.

  3. COSMOS Tier: A wallet holding a minimum of one-hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) $PAID tokens will be granted two public allocations and one private, pre-sale allocation (private allocation availability varies between projects and is not guaranteed for all Ignition IDO Launches) in addition to MOON Tier lottery ticket eligibility gained from the wallet’s $PAID token balance.

NOTE: For additional information about our pool tiers, check the FAQ.

  1.  Wallet Support

PAID Network allows applicants to participate in Ignition Project Launches, using a Metamask Wallet or WalletConnect. Lottery winners must connect to and redeem allocations from the Ignition Platform only using the Wallet(s) addresses for winning tickets. A single Wallet can be connected to the Ignition Platform via the specific Pool at time of project launch and used to purchase the IDO allocation(s) according to the number of winning tickets for that specific wallet. When lottery winners have finished purchasing their transaction, they are able to connect another Wallet address associated with other winning lottery tickets to purchase those allocations. This process must be repeated for all ERC or BSC wallet addresses with winning lottery tickets.

NOTE: PAID Network does not allow lottery winners to redeem all winning allocations on one wallet address if their PAID tokens are in multiple wallet addresses. This is to ensure that all applicants are able to redeem only their own allocations. Direct connection of each wallet is necessary to ensure that the winning allocation is redeemed by its rightful owner. We are unable to make exceptions to this rule. 

  1.  Email Address Continuity: Your Email is Your Unique Identifier

Applicants must use the same email address through all phases of the PAID Ignition lottery process. More specifically, applicants must ensure the same email is used when registering for PAID Ignition platform and for the KYC verification. Applicants using different email addresses for any of the above processes, may be disqualified. In the event that different email addresses are used, PAID Ignition holds no accountability for modifying email addresses prior to the Project launch date and time. In this case, PAID Ignition will not be held responsible.

  1.   PAID Token Balance Requirements

Applicants must hold a minimum of one thousand (1,000) $PAID tokens in each wallet included in their whitelist submission, including any wallet designated as their “Primary wallet address” if they are using multiple wallets. 

  1.   Multiple Whitelist Submissions

PAID Network automatically disqualifies ERC/BSC addresses if they are submitted in multiple applications using different email addresses. If you submit multiple Whitelist applications using the same ERC/BSC wallet address but different Ignition accounts, all ERC/BSC addresses in those submissions will be disqualified. 

  1.   Galaxy Tier via Multiple ERC-20/BSC Requirements

The sum total for $PAID token balances across multiple ERC-20/BSC wallet addresses is considered only for GALAXY Tier and COSMOS Tier ticket eligibility. Whitelist applications eligible for MOON Tier tickets will have their multiple ERC/BSC wallet balances evaluated on an individual basis. PAID Network will not include the sum total of all wallets provided for MOON Tier.

NOTE: For applicants eligible for MOON Tier tickets, ERC/BSC wallet addresses that hold $PAID token balances that are NOT a precise multiple of one thousand (1,000) will not have the remainder of their tokens added together to get additional tickets. The only exception is $PAID token holders who are eligible for GALAXY Tier and COSMOS Tier, with eligibility based on the sum total of all ERC/BSC addresses.

Example: A Whitelist application is submitted with two separate ERC wallet addresses. The first wallet holds a balance of 1,600 $PAID tokens, while the second holds a balance of 1,400  $PAID tokens. The applicant is only eligible for TWO Moon Tier tickets, as each individual wallet is eligible only for one Moon Tier ticket. Though the sum total of both wallet addresses is three thousand (3,000) PAID Tokens, each wallet address is evaluated individually for Moon Tier submissions. However, if these wallet addresses are included in a Galaxy Tier application, the sum total across all wallet addresses will be considered; in the example, the Galaxy/Cosmos Tier applicant will receive 3 lottery tickets across these two ERC wallet addresses, as the sum total is 3,000. 

  1.   Staked Tokens

$PAID tokens that are staked on Apollo-X or other staking platforms will not be eligible for PAID Ignition lotteries. Applicants wishing to include staked tokens must unstake them and hold them in a Metamask Wallet before whitelisting. Ignition has the intention of launching a native staking platform in the future where users will be able to stake their $PAID tokens and participate in the lottery. We will notify the community when this becomes available. 

  1. Centralized Exchanges

$PAID tokens held in any Centralized Exchange (CEX) will not be eligible for PAID Ignition lotteries. Applicants wishing to include these tokens must move them into a Metamask wallet before whitelisting. Currently there are NO official CEXs that have listed $PAID. All exchanges that have listed $PAID to this date are unofficial listings. PAID does not recommend using any unofficial exchanges.

  1. Locked/ Vested Tokens: 

Only LIQUID $PAID tokens are eligible for the lottery. Tokens which are still locked under all private round investments are not eligible. 

  1. PAID Token Holding Period:                                                                              

All $PAID tokens being held in ERC wallets included in Whitelist submissions must be held from the date and time of Whitelist closing until the actual IDO date and time. PAID Ignition Lottery platform detects changes in $PAID token balances for included ERC/BSC wallet addresses. Participants who transfer $PAID tokens out of their ERC/BSC wallet(s) during this interim time period will be disqualified from the lottery. 

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC)/ Prohibited Countries: 

All participants must complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process during the time frame stated in IDO announcements. Applicants from any country on the list of prohibited countries may not participate in the PAID Ignition Lottery. Please note, each Project may include additional banned countries depending on the Project’s requirements, restrictions, and regulations. It is necessary to check to make sure your country isn’t included in the list of prohibited countries. Please note that there may be additional prohibited countries, as dictated by each individual IDO project. To find out, check the relevant IDO announcements and whitelist forms. For more information about KYC, check our KYC FAQ here.

****Please note that for any unforeseen difficulty or failure on the part of the third-party provider Synaps to provide timely KYC services is solely the responsibility of Synaps, and not PAID Ignition or it’s IDO projects. No compensation of any kind will be offered for errors or difficulties with using the Synaps platform. Please prepare your KYC well in advance, to minimize the chance of unforeseen issues.

  1. United States of America

Citizens and residents of the United States of America are prohibited from participating in Ignition.

DISCLAIMER: For applications to be considered valid, all applications must adhere to the PAID whitelist lottery rules, must pass PAID Ignition’s KYC process, and adhere to each project’s specific KYC requirements and country restrictions, which varies per project on a case-by-case basis.


By Joining the Whitelist lottery for the Trickle Private Sale I acknowledge that I understand that:

  1. Successful lottery winners (those who will receive their winning ticket and allocation confirmation through email) must KYC with Trickle's official Synaps KYC vendor, even if you have already completed KYC for Ignition. (Trickle KYC Details to be provided upon receipt of confirmation via email)

  2. One lottery ticket per whitelist entry, with any ERC-20 or BSC address linked to a validated PAID Ignition account with at least 1,000 $PAID. The 1000 $PAID minimum requirement must be in a single address to be considered valid. 

  3. Only one (1) Trickle private sale allocation will be given to a successful lottery winner, per Ignition account.

  4. Trickle Private Sale whitelist is separate from the Trickle public sale pools. The Trickle public sale will be launching on Ignition at a later date.

  5. Aside from the Cosmos tier (holders of 150,000+ $PAID), which will provide (1) guaranteed allocation, there are no other pool tiers during a Private Sale, each whitelist entry has equal opportunity to be selected for the private sale via the whitelist lottery. As long as your PAID token balance is 1,000 or above, you have an equal chance to win 1x private sale allocation/winning ticket.

  6. There are no guaranteed allocations for the Galaxy tier during a private sale, only Cosmos Tier entries will receive one (1) guaranteed allocation to a private sale.

  7. Cosmos holders are guaranteed 1 allocation but are eligible to win 1 more allocation through the regular whitelist lottery.

  8. Trickle Vesting period for private sale: -----for more information on Trickle token economics HERE

  9. Lottery winners will be informed by email from the PAID Ignition team, before being reached out to by the Trickle team.

  10. Successful allocation winners will also be receiving KYC details and private sale purchase agreements (SAFT), as well as funding addresses to send funds for the private sale from the Trickle team***

  11. PAID Ignition is not responsible for the distribution of private sale purchase agreements, Trickle tokens or KYC and are not liable for any financial losses resulting from the Trickle private sale.

  12. You must have a minimum of $400 USD per ticket  (2x tickets are  the maximum allowed per account, 1x guaranteed for Cosmos + 1x winning lottery ticket) to be able to redeem your Private Sale allocation from the Trickle team.

  13. The Trickle Private Sale will not be an active pool on Ignition, allocations will be received through SAFT from Trickle team

  14. *For applications to be considered valid, all applications must adhere to the PAID whitelist lottery rules, and adhere to Tickle’s specific KYC requirements and country restrictions which vary per project on a case to case basis. 

  15. **The winners list will be given to Trickle. Trickle will send an email from their official address, for their own KYC Verification process and the issuance of the Token Sale Agreement, which includes the funding addresses to send funds for the private sale. Details will be sent to your registered Ignition email address.

  16. ***Please stay vigilant and beware of scammers. The PAID Ignition team will be notifying allocation winners through our official e-mail address, the team will also be informing participants of the proper e-mail address Trickle will be contacting them with.