Are you ready to participate in Ignition, but you are not able to join the pool because the “join pool” button remains grey? Go through this list and make sure you’ve verified all of the information below, to troubleshoot any issues you may have. Good luck! 


1. Make sure you’ve joined the lottery! 

As stated in the Paid Ignition Lottery Rules, you need to join the lottery for the IDO in the stated time frame, detailed on the project page on Ignition. If you aren’t whitelisted, you can’t participate. 


2.  Check whether you’ve KYC’d correctly:

- Log in to your Ignition account and clicking on your name in the top-right corner. 

- Your KYC status should now say 'Approved' 

If it does not say 'Approved', it means you did not KYC in time. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do for you in this situation. PAID plans on offering our community multiple IDO's every week and there will be plenty of future opportunities to participate. We encourage you to KYC immediately when you see your name on the winner's list, in order to prevent this problem. Please note that even if this is approved now, it does not automatically mean it was approved at the time of KYC close. When reading a project announcement, always check the KYC close date and make sure you are KYC'd on time.


3. Check to ensure you are connected through MetaMask or Wallet Connect.

As stated in the Paid Ignition Lottery Rules, you need to be connected to the MetaMask wallet, or through WalletConnect, to the wallet address you have used to stake your tokens and whitelist with. It is necessary to individually connect each winning lottery wallet to the Ignition platform, and use that wallet to purchase the IDO allocation according to the number of winning tickets. 


4. Check to ensure your staked PAID token balance is greater than or equal to the balance at the time of whitelisting. 

When an IDO whitelist is closed, a snapshot of staked PAID token balances in whitelisted wallets is taken. If your staked PAID token balance at the time of the IDO is less than when you whitelisted, the Ignition platform will not allow you to purchase your awarded allocations. 


5. Make sure that the wallet address you’ve won your allocation with is connected to Ignition.

If your wallet is connected, but the incorrect wallet address is connected to the platform, the “join pool” button will remain grey. Please double-check to make sure that your winning wallet address is connected.


6. Make sure that you are in the correct pool.

For most IDO's, there are two pools; Galaxy and Moon. If your wallet is connected, but you are not in the correct pool, the “join pool” button will remain gray. Please double-check to make sure that your winning wallet address is connected, and you’re in the correct pool at the correct time.

7. Make sure your wallet is on the correct chain and you have enough tokens to fund your allocation.

Check on the project page whether the IDO is on BSC or ETH and make sure to connect your wallet to the correct network. Please ensure you have enough funds ready (BNB/ETH) to fund your allocation.


8. Refresh the page at the scheduled time of the pool opening. 

At the scheduled open time for the IDO, the pool will open. IF you still see the grey button, try refreshing the page. This may allow you to access the pool.  


9. Make sure you’re on time!  

With the increasing popularity of the Ignition platform comes huge demand. Moon Tier is first-come, first-serve, and the pools fill up extremely quickly, sometimes within a minute or two! Make sure you are ready to purchase your allocation at the time stated in the relevant Medium article. If you’re late, you’re likely to miss out.   


If you've completed all these steps, but are still having issues, contact customer service with screenshots supporting your issue.