PAID Network is now integrated and live on the Binance Smart Chain which allows Apollo-X users to stake on BSC. It also gives PAID token holders the option to move tokens from ETH to BSC and vice versa. 


1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Connect’ to connect your Metamask wallet (the bridge currently only works with MetaMask).

3. Your wallet will prompt you to connect your account. Please select the wallet on the network you would like to swap from. Eg. if you want to swap from ETH to BSC, select ETH Mainnet and vice versa. 

4. Enter the amount of PAID you want to swap to BSC, and double-check the destination address
 Click on ‘Approve’.

5. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm this transaction.

6. Click on ‘Swap’.

7. ‘Confirm swap’.

8. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

9. Your swap is in process, this can take up to 3 minutes or longer depending on the network traffic at the time. 

10. Click on ‘Switch Network’ in order to switch to BSC to withdraw your swap.

11. Click on ‘Retrieve Token Now’.

12. Click on ‘Withdraw Item’.

13. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm.

15. Click on ‘Add Token’ to add the PAID token to your BSC wallet.

16. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm.

17. Congratulations, you have successfully moved your PAID tokens to your BSC wallet.