1. Visit the website: https://www.paidnetwork.com/

  2. Sign into or create your Ignition account

  3. Click on the “connect wallet” button on the upper right to register your wallet to the website

  4. Accept when the website asks if you would like to register your wallet address

  5. Sign the prompt that pops up

  1. Navigate to your Ignition Dashboard (https://www.paidnetwork.com/invest/dashboard) to check your registered wallets and click ‘Set as a primary wallet’.

  1. If done successfully, you will see the ‘Primary wallet’ text box above your primary wallet.

Primary wallet Details:

  • You can connect and register as many wallets as you like.

  • You can only change or remove your wallet after you register at least two wallets to your Dashboard.

  • The total amount of sPAID tokens on the BSC and ETH chains from all the registered wallets of each account will automatically be accumulated.

  • The primary wallet will be the funding wallet during sales, as allocations, access to the pools, and (vested) tokens will be assigned to the primary wallet.

  • The wallet that was used to purchase the crowdfunding tokens is the one that has to claim as well.

  • If you want access to Early Pool, make sure to register all wallets that hold sPAID tokens. 

  • Always keep your primary wallet secure. Keep the safety measures in mind at any time.